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Our Friend and Colleague: Robin Ollis

Robin Ollis, Arkana Employee, Arkana Laboratories
We lost a dear friend and colleague this week. Yesterday we said goodbye to Robin Ollis, our Assistant Lead for Electron Microscopy. Robin joined Arkana in 2011 and since then, he has not only served thousands of patients, but he also has trained, coached, and championed dozens of teammates. He was incredibly kind and such a joyful person to work with and we are honored to have been able to call him "one of us" for as long as we did. He will be incredibly missed. 

A Big MYMP Landing!

Dr. Sharma, Dr. Larsen, Dr. Caza, NELL1, renal research
After several weeks of flying around our office, the MYMP landed and was caught by Dr. Caza, Dr. Larsen, and Dr. Sharma! Their newest paper discusses NELL1 and how it is a target antigen in malignancy-associated membranous nephropathy. Read the paper: NELL1 is a target antigen in malignancy-associated membranous nephropathy Who will catch the MYMP next?

Road To Renal with Dr. May

Dr. Murphy, Road to Renal, Dr. May, Arkana Podcasts
Our new fellow, Dr. May, began recording her new podcast this morning and her first guest was Dr. Murphy. He wanted to "dress up" for the occasion. Stay tuned for the first episode of Road to Renal with Dr. Rebecca May!  

Back To School Donations

donations, Arkana Labs, giving back, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary
Jack and JP (along with their Aunt Denise) stopped by this morning to help pack up school donations that Arkana has collected over the past few weeks. All donations are being given to the Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School.  To make a contribution, visit the Little Rock School District's official website.

MYMP Alert!

collapsing glomerulopathy, Caza and Larsen, COVID-19, MYMP, Arkana Labs
Our MYMP made a special appearance today! Dr. Caza and Dr. Larsen teamed up with Dr. Velez to discuss the re-emergence of collapsing glomerulopathy with COVID-19. Read the paper: COVAN is the new HIVAN: the re-emergence of collapsing glomerulopathy with COVID-19 Stay on the lookout for the next MYMP sighting!  

The MYMP Has Been Caught!

Dr. Best, MYMP, Detection of SARS-CoV-2, publication, arkana laboratories, arkana visualized
Dr. Best has caught the MYMP! Along with Dr. Larsen, Dr. Sharma, Dr. Caza, and Dr. Kuperman, Dr. Best recently published a paper covering the detection of SARS-CoV-2 in formalin-fixed paraffin. Read the paper: Detection of SARS-CoV-2 in Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Sections Using Commercially Available Reagents Who will catch the MYMP next?

The MYMP Has Landed!

Dr. Dvanajscak, Dr. Cassol, MYMP, renal pathology research, arkana laboratories
The MYMP is making its way around Arkana! Dr. Dvanajscak and Dr. Cassol have both released publications this month! Dr. Dvanajscak, along with Dr. Murphy and Dr. Larsen, published a paper regarding Anti-Brush Border Antibody Disease. Dr. Cassol, with Dr. Bourne and Dr. Larsen, published a paper discussing Covid-19 negative renal biopsies. Read the paper: Anti-Brush Border Antibody Disease (Anti-LRP2 Nephropathy) Associated with Lupus Nephritis Read the paper: Appearances can be deceiving - viral-like inclusions in COVID-19 negative renal biopsies by electron microscopy Be on the lookout for the next landing of the MYMP!  

Arkana Live – July 2020

July, Arkana Live, arkana laboratories
Join us on July 11 from 11 am-12 pm EST for our second Arkana Live pathology series.  Dr. Sharma and Dr. Caza will both present an "Introduction to Kidney Pathology."   Register here:   

Another MYMP Sighting!

MYMP, Caza and Larsen, Covid-19 research
Another MYMP sighting! Durning our case conference today, Dr. Caza and Dr. Larsen discussed their recently published paper covering AKI and collapsing glomerulopathy associated with COVID-19 and APOL1.  Read the paper: AKI and Collapsing Glomerulopathy Associated with COVID-19 and APOL1 High-Risk Genotype Where will the MYMP land next?  

A New MYMP Sighting!

MYMP, Renal Hypoplasia, Bonsib
The MYMP is traveling around Arkana and has landed at Dr. Bonsib's office! Dr. Bonsib recently published a paper over Renal Hypoplasia.  To read the full paper: Renal Hypoplasia, From Grossly Insufficient to Not Quite Enough