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MYMP Sighting

MYMP, kidney research, Nephrology Lagging Behind in Machine Learning Utilization
Our MYMP made a special appearance this week! Dr. Cassol (along with Dr. Sharma) recently published an article highlighting the underuse of machine learning as a research tool in the field of nephrology, titled Nephrology Lagging Behind in Machine Learning Utilization.   Read the paper here: 

Wednesday Relaxation

wednesday relaxation
Wednesday relaxation!   Today, Tanesha Forrest led us in a mindfulness class that focused on stretching and meditation. This was definitely what our team needed!  

Physician Team Catches the MYMP!

Physician Team Catches the MYMP!
Teamwork makes the dream work! The MYMP goes to all of the physicians pictured below (along with Dr. Larsen, Dr. Sharma, Dr. Boils, Dr. Messias, and Lilli Barnum) for their recent publication discussing the spectrum of COVID-19 in kidney pathology!   Read the paper here: 

Saying Goodbye to Dr. Messias

Goodbye Dr. Messias
Today, we shared many memories, laughs, and lots of tears. As we say goodbye, we remember all of the good times spent together throughout the years. Know that no matter where you road takes you, your family will always be here. We wish you the best of luck, Dr. Messias!  

Donations for Back to School

Donations to Booker T. Washington Elementary
Thanks, Principal Aleta Branch and Assistant Principal Hazel Harris for letting our staff stop by Booker T. Washington Elementary and drop off a few supplies. We hope you have a great school year!   To directly donate, visit

Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness Matters Wellness Class
Mindfulness matters! Tanesha Forrest taught breathing techniques and stretching poses during today’s wellness class to help us be more mindful throughout our day. We definitely feel more relaxed.