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Meet Roxy!

Roxy is our #Arkanine of the week and her human is Chad, who leads our transcription team. She is a 1 1/2-year-old boxer who likes going to the park and riding down the slide with her other human, Colin (pictured with her). Roxy enjoys digging holes and chasing squirrels but mostly loves barking at the neighbors, at shadows of clouds, a stiff breeze, the leaves on the trees, or just barking to break up the boredom of an otherwise peaceful evening. Another favorite activity of Roxy's is chewing on bones, patio furniture, water hoses, umbrellas, shoes, TV remotes, or anything...

Meet Sura!

Meet Sura! 🐱 #Arkanines Sura is 8 months old and belongs to April. Her favorite things are tuna, cuddles, chasing the laser pointer (or her tail, or her siblings), and hanging out with her big sister, Tara. Sura wants to be just like the big cats, but she's not quite there yet. She falls a lot, but she always gets right back up and keeps on playing.  

How River Stole Christmas

How River stole Christmas
In the middle of the night, River decided to team up with the Grinch to steal ornaments off the Christmas tree in our transcription department. Someone is getting coal from Santa.

Christmas Tree Decorating Contest

This week, different teams throughout Arkana participated in a Christmas tree decorating contest. The Grinch might have taken a few ornaments & a few balloons may have popped, but we all had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone’s creativity.   Congrats to the Lab for winning this year!  

Arkana Journal Club (December 9, 2021)

Arkana Journal Club Abstract
Last night, members of our Arkana Journal Club gathered to discuss two articles covering the outcomes in COVAN and the hot topic of anti-nephrin antibodies in MCD!   Article link:   Article link:

Meet Spike!

Arkanines is back! 🐶🐱   Meet Spike! He is a 12-year old Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix and belongs to Abby who works in our growth and development department. Spike may be old in years but is young in spirit. His hobbies include watching dog t.v., and hiding under pillows, and breaking out of his kennel. He goes to doggy daycare two times a week to see all of his friends and loves meeting up with them at the dog park on the weekends. All of his best friends are large dogs and one of his closest companions is Hank.  

Happy birthday, Dr. Ambruzs!

Happy birthday, Dr. Ambruzs
Dr. Ambruzs’ husband decided to sneak in this weekend and surprise her with an office full of balloons for her birthday. We don’t know who was more excited, Dr. Ambruzs or Connor!     Happy birthday, Dr. Ambruzs!   

Halloween 2021!

lab halloween shrek characters
Boo to you from our crew! From seeing Shrek characters to a Waffle House waffle, we’ve had a great time celebrating Halloween.