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IgA Dominant Infection-Associated Glomerulonephritis, renal pathology
Teaching Points

IgA Dominant Infection-Associated Glomerulonephritis

A 65-year-old male presents to the ER with a new onset rash and blood in his urine. The ER doc…

Infection-Associated Glomerulonephritis in renal biopsy
Teaching Points

Infection-Associated Glomerulonephritis

This biopsy is taken from a 39-year-old woman who presents with abdominal pain, ascites, and lower extremity edema. Her serum…

Diagnose This!

Diagnose This (March 26, 2018)

In the setting of weak C3 (1-2+) only staining by routine immunofluorescence, what is your diagnosis? …

By L. Nich Cossey, MD