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Glomerulus Obliterated By A Fibrous Crescent

Glomerulus Obliterated By A Fibrous Crescent

This EM image shows a glomerulus obliterated by a fibrous crescent Photo credits to Dr. Stephen Bonsib!

GBM Injury in Crescentic GN

GBM Injury in Crescentic GN

Another eyeSCANdy image! This picture shows acellular scanning EM showing the earliest GBM injury in crescentic GN, discrete perforations in…

C3-dominant immune-complex, neutrophilic endocapillary hypercellularity, diagnose this, renal pathology, kidney biopsy, arkana laboratories
Diagnose This!

Diagnose This (November 23, 2020)

Based on the image provided, what would be your leading diagnosis with C3-dominant immune-complex deposition?   …

Anti-GBM disease, twitter poll, arkana laboratories
Twitter Poll

Twitter Poll (December 11, 2019)

Answer: D, All of the Above Anti-GBM disease presents with rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis (GN) with or without pulmonary hemorrhage. On…

Vanessa Moreno, MD
By Vanessa Moreno, MD