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Archive: Arkanines

Arkanines: Linken

Linken, Arkanines
Meet Linken! He is the newest puppy in our Arkanine pack. His parents are Suellen and Dr. Kenan. Linken is an 11-week old (at the time of photo) Cockapoo puppy.  He loves sprawling in laps, zooming around the furniture and chewing bark. He has a zeal for life that rubs off on all he meets.  Oh, he is also incredibly cute!

Arkanines: Tyler

Tyler, Arkanines
Meet Tyler! He is an 11-year-old lab who is clearly a very accommodating big brother.  Tyler belongs to Ashley, who works in the lab. 

Arkanines: Flo Best

Flo Best, Arkanines
Meet Flo!  This sweet girl was born in Tijuana, Mexico, but migrated to the US when she was just 2-months-old to pursue better professional opportunities. Flo enjoys chasing her tail, barking at chipmunks, and sweeping the floor with her tongue. Although they believe she will not be winning any dog contests soon, her family loves her very much.  Flo belongs to Dr. Best (who totally wrote this bio). 

Arkanines: Aspen

Aspen, Arkanines
Meet Aspen! His full name actually Aspen Prince Jones and he is a 7-year-old Siberian Husky. He loves to have his tummy rubbed and much like other Huskies, he loves to play in the snow. Aspen belongs to Wendy, who is on our transcription team.

Arkanines: Zeus

pet of arkana laboratories
Meet Zeus! He is a 15-month-old Great Pyrenes. Zeus was originally brought to a goat farm to be a goat protector but only wanted to take naps on the couch. He loves belly rubs, puppuccinos from Starbucks, and going on walks, sometimes by himself because he can open the front door. Zeus belongs to Jill, who works on our transcription team.

Arkanines: Horace

Horace, Arkanines
Meet Horace! He’s the newest grandpup in our Arkanine pack. His grandparents are Gail and Dr. Walker. Horace is a 10-week-old Doberman puppy. He loves riding in the car and chewing the seatbelt. Horace also goes to bed on his own every night at 9pm sharp.

Arkanines: Blaze

Meet Blaze! He is a 4-year-old Pharaoh Hound. Blaze is silly, tends to be a bit mischievous, but is also very affectionate. He has a 3lb Yorkie sister with whom he is very gentle. Blaze belongs to Dr. Cossey.

Arkanines: Rashad

Meet Rashad! This boy is the sweetest, even when his mom makes him pose by the Christmas tree in his new sweater. He is also very patient with his puppy sister, who loves to torture him. He belongs to Chassity, who works on our marketing team. Happy Holidays, from all of our Arkanines friends!

Arkanines: Ke$ha

Ke$ha, Arkanines
Meet Ke$ha! This girl loves being on a human’s lap or snuggling with anyone who will have her. She is a garbage disposal and will eat anything that smells like food, including sweet potato skins, banana strings, and orange rind. She is terrified of parked cars, and loves beating up her brother, Butters. Ke$sha belongs to Solomon, our IT Director.

Arkanines: Raisin

Raisin, Arkanines pets
The #Arkanines pack lost one of its own last week. Meet Raisin. She belonged to Tracy, our HR person. Sundays were Raisin’s favorite because her friend Gail Walker would feed her table scraps after church. Fireworks were her only nemesis. She was thrilled to afford any stranger she encountered the privilege of petting her, and she never thought they took full advantage of her generosity. Her sweet presence and companionship will be missed by many.