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Archive: Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight: Joanna Birkitt

Joanna Birkitt, client spotlight at Arkana Laboratories
This month we’d like to spotlight Joanna Birkitt at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Our team contacted Joanna late on a Friday about a transplant patient who was in the process of having a kidney biopsy. The patient’s nephrologist was worried about possible rejection and needed a result the following day. It was the end of Joanna’s shift and the late biopsy would miss the FedEx pickup without her help. Joanna could have gone home, could have chosen not to intervene, but instead, did what was best for the patient. She saw to it that the biopsy made it to FedEx, which...

Client Spotlight: Terri Munson

Terri Munson, Client Spotlight
This month we would like to shine our Client Spotlight on Terri Munson, Histotechnologist at UnityPoint Health-Methodist in Peoria. Recently, Terri came into work on Saturday and found that a renal biopsy had missed the FedEx pickup on Friday. Rather than have it wait until Monday to be sent out, she contacted us to see if anything could be done to prevent it from being delayed further. FedEx was unable to pick up the specimen, so Terri offered to go above and beyond for the patient and drove the specimen to a local FedEx station so it could be sent...

Client Spotlight: Dr. Fidel Barrantes-Ramirez

Dr. Fidel Barrantes-Ramirez, Client spotlight
This month we would like to shine the spotlight on Dr. Fidel Barrantes-Ramirez of Renal Medicine Associates in Albuquerque, NM.   Dr. Fidel Barrantes-Ramirez has special interests in education in kidney disease, health literacy (especially in disadvantaged and minority communities), kidney transplantation outcomes in the elderly and other high-risk groups, and in translational medicine. He believes a well-informed patient always does better. This strong belief led him to author two educational books titled “The First Hundred Days after Kidney Transplant Surgery” and “All About Kidney Transplant. A practical guide for patients, caregivers and providers.” His passion to improve patient education...

Client Spotlight: Kathy Little

Kathy Little, Client Spotlight at Arkana Laboratories
Surgical Pathology Supervisor Kathy Little, from MAWD Pathology in North Kansas City, is the focal point of this month’s client spotlight. When one of our Saturday emergency biopsies didn’t show up for processing as expected, we reached out to Kathy to let her know. After looking into it, she found out that the transplant specimen had arrived late in the day that Friday, and missed the last FedEx pickup. Most would send it out on Monday when they got back to work. But rather than delay the result any longer, Kathy selflessly made the 45 minute commute to the lab,...

Client Spotlight: Dr. Singer

Dr. Gary Singer, Client Spotlight, Arkana Laboratories
This month’s Client Spotlight features Dr. Gary Singer of St. Peters, MO.   Dr. Singer formed Midwest Nephrology Associates in 2003 and has been practicing nephrology for more than 20 years. He completed his research and clinical fellowships in nephrology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Gary Singer has authored multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals, co-authored several book chapters, and lectured on topics related to chronic kidney disease, dialysis, and transplantation, as well as other areas in clinical nephrology. He is a board member of the Renal Physicians Association, a member of the...

Client Spotlight: Cheryl Ellis

Cheryl Ellis, client spotlight
“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” - Martin Luther King, Jr. This encompasses Cheryl Ellis. This month we’d like to shine the spotlight on Cheryl Ellis, Pathology Assistant at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, in Gilbert, AZ. Late in the day, Cheryl was informed that a renal biopsy had been delayed and that their last FedEx pickup had already come and gone. Rather than risk further delay, Cheryl acted. She volunteered to drive the specimen directly to her local FedEx facility to be sure it made it to us the next day. We appreciate people...

Client Spotlight: Erin, Jo, Angela, and Tango

Erin, Jo, Angela, and Tango, client spotlight, arkana Laboratories
Our October client spotlight is focused on these four women working at LabCorp in Overland Park, Kansas, Erin, Jo, Angela, and Tango. They coordinate and oversee specimen send outs for 12 hospitals in the Kansas City area, which is no small task. In addition to being a vital part of their lab, they also participate in a wellness program similar to our own, called “Healthy Wage.” They have made great progress, which they document on a chart that hangs behind them. Erin, Jo, Angela, and Tango, we wish you great success on your wellness journey, and we appreciate your dedication...

Client Spotlight: Connie Puckett and Brandy Ryan

Connie Puckett (Histotechnologist) and Brandy Ryan (Histotechnician)
This month our client spotlight is on Connie Puckett (Histotechnologist) and Brandy Ryan (Histotechnician), who are members of the dedicated lab staff at Mercy Health - Cincinnati Anderson. They are responsible for sending out the renal biopsies and use our website to create their FedEx air bills online. What separates this team from so many others is what they do when a biopsy arrives in the lab after their FedEx driver has come. Rather than let the biopsy wait until the next day’s pickup, they request an additional FedEx pickup through our online system to make sure the biopsy gets out the same...

Client Spotlight: Drs. Fahim and Naeem Rahim

Drs. Rahim
This month our Arkana Client Spotlight is on the Drs. Fahim and Naeem Rahim! Drs. Fahim and Naeem Rahim started Idaho Kidney Institute in rural Southeastern Idaho after moving from New York in 2005. The goal was to provide state of the art care for patients suffering from kidney diseases, and also for those in need of kidney transplants or dialysis. Since then, Idaho Kidney has grown to become the largest provider of care for patients suffering from kidney disease, dialysis, and kidney transplants in Southeastern Idaho. Drs. Fahim and Naeem Rahim were recipients of the prestigious Ellis Island Medals of...