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Shana Coley

Director of Transplant Translational Research & Multiplex Imaging Center

Dr. Coley joined Arkana Laboratories in 2021 to direct the Transplant Translational Research Program and to establish and direct the Multiplex Imaging Center. A physician-scientist, Dr. Coley is a cellular immunologist with a focus on T cell biology in the setting of transplantation. Her clinical sub-specialty training and diagnostic expertise are in renal transplant pathology and medical renal pathology, with fellowship training at Columbia University, and faculty practice at both Columbia University and the University of Glasgow in Scotland. In her research, Dr. Coley has developed novel approaches using cutting-edge technologies to interrogate archival human kidney allograft biopsies with a focus on predicting outcomes of therapy in T-cell mediated rejection and understanding mechanisms of human T cell behavior within peripheral tissues. When not at the scope or at the bench, Dr. Coley enjoys traveling to different countrysides, eating outside, and listening to her daughter’s stories.