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Nephropath is now Arkana Laboratories

Why would we change our name from Nephropath after becoming the largest renal pathology institute in the country? Well, we didn’t actually change our name as much as we grew into it.

The truth is that over the last few years our curiosity, research, innovations and growing team of doctors — the finest and most concentrated in the field anywhere in the world — have all contributed to a constantly expanding practice. Today Arkana Laboratories (formerly Nephropath) provides renal pathology, serology, neuropathology, and molecular (genomic) services. We’ve doubled down on our commitment to research and teaching. We’re actively working toward the day that our research yields breakthroughs that make our services unnecessary. Eradicating rare and common diseases is the end game of all of Arkana Labs’ efforts, because patient health is foremost in our minds every day.

We have the same leadership. Our founding – and current – director, Dr. Patrick Walker still provides vision and leadership for our team. He’s at his microscope every weekday and most weekends. He’s on the phone with nephrologists around the United States every afternoon. You’ll find him in the daily conference with Arkana’s other pathologists discussing cases. His passion for providing the most accurate clinico-pathologic discussion in the shortest timeframe possible is still the chip that powers this practice. And he’s still the leader at the helm.

We have the same curiosity. In Dr. Walker’s own words, “My goal was always to have people who were as curious as I am because that challenges each one of us.” Each case represents a patient’s story. In those stories there are potential answers to the questions being asked about hundreds of rare diseases and thousands of common ones.

We have the same processes. We don’t like shortcuts, so we give every task our best effort. If we can improve something through innovation – done. Part of our desire is to bring that same work ethic to our new endeavors. That’s why today, just as we did on day one, the pathologist that reads a case is the same pathologist that calls the ordering physician to discuss the case. At every level, in every department of Arkana Labs, we value and champion hard work in alignment with our grand vision for improved patient health.

Sometimes the more things change the more they stay the same. Arkana Labs is the new name for the practice that’s proven itself a leader and innovator for 16 years. And we’re just getting started.