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A Big MYMP Landing!

Dr. Sharma, Dr. Larsen, Dr. Caza, NELL1, renal research
After several weeks of flying around our office, the MYMP landed and was caught by Dr. Caza, Dr. Larsen, and Dr. Sharma! Their newest paper discusses NELL1 and how it is a target antigen in malignancy-associated membranous nephropathy. Read the paper: NELL1 is a target antigen in malignancy-associated membranous nephropathy Who will catch the MYMP next?

Membranous Glomerulopathy Subtyping

Membranous Glomerulopathy Subtyping, Arkana Laboratories, Renal Pathology Teaching Points
The diagnosis of membranous glomerulopathy has evolved rapidly in the past 10 years since the identification of PLA2R as the major target antigen in primary membranous glomerulopathy. Today, rather than subtyping into vague categories such as 'primary' and 'secondary', we have tools available to name the specific type of disease present in most cases. Arkana Laboratories offers diagnostic testing for membranous glomerulopathy including immunohistochemical stains for tissue typing of PLA2R, THSD7A, EXT1/2, and NELL1 membranous and serum testing to monitor disease in patients with PLA2R and THSD7A-associated membranous glomerulopathy.