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Neuro Notes

Extrafusal and Intrafusal Fibers

Clinical History This 1-year-old patient underwent muscle biopsy to evaluate for hypotonia. What are the muscle fibers within the small…

Neuro Notes

Signet Ring Carcinoma

Clinical History This 50-year-old patient presented with muscle weakness and stiffness. They had recently been identified to have diffuse thickening…

Neuro Notes

Oxidative Stain Pallor

Clinical History This 60-year-old patient presented with progressive symmetrical subacute onset proximal muscle weakness involving their lower and upper extremities.…

Neuro Notes

Denervated Schwann cell

Clinical History This 50-year-old previously healthy patient presented with a several year history of progressive numbness, tingling and distal lower…

Neuro Notes

Regenerated Clusters

Clinical History This 60-year-old diabetic patient presented with complaints of bilateral chronic numbness and tingling involving their legs in a…

Unusual Inflammatory Neuropathy
Neuro Notes

Unusual Inflammatory Neuropathy

Clinical History: This 60-year-old patient presented with a history of chronic progressive paresthesias involving all four extremities. Electrodiagnostic studies showed…

Neuro Notes

Vascular Micromineralization

Clinical History This 40-year-old female patient presented with a three month of bilateral medial thigh pain and edema. Her past…

Longstanding weakness
Neuro Notes

Longstanding Weakness in an Adult

Clinical History 54-year-old woman. Family history negative for neuromuscular disease Longstanding (L>R) upper & lower extremity weakness Periodic falls &…

Ischemic myopathy
Neuro Notes

Patient with Painful Leg

Clinical History The 60-year-old patient was admitted for complaints of acute left lower extremity pain and weakness, and was found…

Lymphocytic hypophysitis
Neuro Notes

Pituitary Lesion

Clinical History This 35-year-old patient presented with headaches. MRI showed a sellar mass (diffuse enlargement of the pituitary gland) with…

Neuro Notes

Cauda equina mass

Clinical History This 40-year old patient with lumbar back pain. MRI demonstrated an intradural extramedullary mass at the level of…

Inclusion body myopathy , IBM,
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11-year-old boy with falls

Clinical History 11-year-old boy Progressive weakness, Gower sign, falls 3 to 4 times a week, and leg pain PMH: ADHD,…

Dermatomyositis with treatment effect
Neuro Notes

Bulbar Weakness and Rash

Clinical History 68-year-old woman with dysphagia, dysarthria, facial muscle weakness and rash Past medical history breast cancer Medications hydroxychloroquine…

Degenerative axon/axonal-spheroid
Neuro Notes

Painful Ankle Mass

Clinical History 49-year-old woman Right-sided sural nerve mass Distal pain and numbness of the ankle What is the structure at…

Necrotic myofibers, Rhabdomyolysis
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Clinical history This 20-year-old patient was found in a prolonged seizure state (status epilepticus of unknown duration). CPK levels at…