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Renal Pathology

When choosing a renal biopsy service, speed should be a given. Request a kit below to experience what makes us different.

Request a Kit

How it Works

Step 1

You ship the biopsy to Arkana using a pre-paid, FedEx Pak.

We provide you with a box of our renal biopsy kits. Each kit contains everything you need for one biopsy, including fixatives, paperwork, and a pre-paid FedEx Pak. When you need more kits, just give us a call or request them through our website.
Step 2

We process and read the biopsy at our laboratory in Little Rock.

All results, including EM, are available on the same day that we receive the biopsy. One of our physicians will call you to discuss the results of your case that afternoon. This includes emergency weekend and holiday cases as well.
Step 3

You have access to your report through phone, fax, and the web.

Once completed, we send you a faxed copy of your report and make the case (including images) available to you online through our website. From the website, you can save or print the report and images.

What's Inside

Two bottles of fixative:

  • Michels Fixative (Blue Top)
  • 10% Neutral Buffered¬†Formalin (White top)

FedEx packaging to return biopsy sample:

  • Pre-paid FedEx Pak

Laboratory Paperwork:

  • Requisition Form

Renal Weekend Service

We are happy to call you with the results on Saturday afternoon, but need your help to make that happen. If you have an emergency case you would like read on Saturday, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Call our office on Friday by
    5:00pm CST
  2. Provide us with a weekend contact number for the nephrologist on call

For questions regarding our service or if you would like to request kits

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