Arkana is a learning, teaching, and innovating practice with one unifying passion: to work toward research breakthroughs that make our services unnecessary.

What is the biorepository?

A Biorepository is a long-term storage collection of biological specimens for the purpose of research. The specimens are cataloged and stored in a way to preserve them for the long term.

Arkana has a growing biorepository of excess tissue and blood samples from clinical kidney biopsies that provide a wealth of information for research on kidney disease. We have several ongoing studies that benefit significantly from the donation of leftover kidney biopsy tissue and blood samples for serum and plasma.

What do we do with your tissue donation?

Our research focuses on a variety of renal diseases and looks to both understand the etiology of diseases of unknown cause, as well as to discover new and better ways to monitor renal disease in hopes of creating better outcomes for patients.

By donating a one-time blood sample as well as the leftover kidney tissue from your clinical biopsy, you will be supporting the physician scientists at Arkana and the important work of researching renal disease…(not sure how to word this statement, but something about what the research might lead to)

How to participate

  • Sign and submit the consent and contact forms below.
  • Once we have received your signed consent and contact information, we will send you the blood collection kit needed for step 3.
  • After you have received your kit, you will be contacted by a staff member of ExamOne in order to schedule your blood collection appointment with one of their mobile phlebotomists at a location of your choosing (i.e. home or office).
  • At the time of your appointment, please provide the kit to your mobile phlebotomist and they will take care of the rest.
  • Arkana Labs will cover the costs of the mobile phlebotomy and the shipping of your sample to our facility. After we have received your sample, it will be processed and placed into our biorepository.