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An increase in kidney biopsy miss rate significantly affects patient care in the management of medical kidney disease.

An essential part of our mission at Arkana is to improve patient care. To that end, we have begun the process of gathering data regarding kidney biopsy adequacy rates for our clients. This is, along with other measures all in an effort to increase the quality of the specimens we receive, and ultimately provide better care for the patients we treat.

Our physicians have contributed to this initiative in several ways. Along with various research publications and a smartphone adequacy guide, our physicians have created a table of classes to help us better assess the diagnostic adequacy of each specimen.

Our physicians can usually make a diagnosis on 1-4 (as these all have at least 10 gloms on LM) and we would therefore judge them “adequate”. Classes 5-7 are what we classify as “poor” or “missed”, and the nephrologist will determine if they want to re-biopsy the patient.

Smartphone Biopsy Guide

Biopsy Adequacy Podcasts