African Americans have a much higher rate of non-diabetic end-stage renal disease (ESRD) than populations without recent African ancestry.

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Kidney failure occurs in Black Americans about three times as much as it does in white Americans. There are many reasons for this increased risk, including genetic changes known as “risk variants” in the APOL1 gene. Reasons to test for APOL1 genotyping include:

  • Determining etiology of CKD in patients with possible African ancestry
  • Determining risk status in patients with possible African ancestry
  • Patient being considered for kidney donation
  • Determination of carrier status in a family member
  • Biopsy findings that suggest APOL1 risk alleles

No Cost to Patients APOL1 Genotyping Test Program


Arkana Laboratories and Vertex Pharmaceuticals are working together to increase awareness of APOL1-mediated kidney disease by making it possible for healthcare providers to order APOL1-risk variant testing at no cost in qualifying patients.

For more information on this program or to download the No Cost to Patients APOL1 Genotyping Test requisition form, click the links below.

Information for physicians on No Cost to Patient APOL1 Genotyping Test

Information for patients on No Cost to Patient APOL1 Genotyping Test

Acceptable Specimens

This requisition form is for a routine APOL1 genotyping test.

Download Req Form
Samples must have two patient identifiers, preferably the patient’s name and date of birth Circle
Peripheral blood (preferred): At least 2ml in Lavender top (EDTA) tube Shipped overnight at room temperature Circle
Each sample must be accompanied by a requisition form with the declaration signed by the ordering provider Circle
Paraffin block or five unstained slides Circle
buccal swab: swab shipped overnight at room temperature in a DNA stabilization pouch/vial (e.g. isohelix rapiDri pouch) Circle
Kit Provided Circle
Shipping Provided Circle

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