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Arkana offers many educational resources for physicians. It is our goal to help equip doctors with the tools they need to deliver the most effective patient care possible.

glomerulus showing Mild mesangial hypercellularity in IgA nephropathy on PAS stain

Arkana Photo Reference Library

Our physicians have curated a photo reference library of diagnostic images of glomerular diseases.




Educational Blog Series

Diagnose This!

Diagnose This (April 4, 2022)

This is the biopsy of a 62yo Hispanic female with hematuria and proteinuria. What is this stain and what is…

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, SLE, lupus nephritis, arkana laboratories, disease week, renal pathology
Disease Week

Disease Week: Lupus Nephritis

Monday: Introduction to Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Clinical Diagnostic Criteria Answer: C. 50% 50% of adults with SLE will develop…

Fibrillary Glomerulopathy
Teaching Points

Fibrillary Glomerulopathy

Commonly heard after we give the diagnosis: I heard about this in Fellowship This 62-year-old African-American just completed treatment for…

Patrick D. Walker, MD renal pathologist at arkana laboratories
By Patrick D. Walker, MD


Renal Biopsy Adequacy

An increase in kidney biopsy miss rate significantly affects patient care in the management of medical kidney disease. Check out our resources about increasing biopsy adequacy.

renal cortex matching to diagnostic image of renal biopsy

The Renal Biopsy

One of the questions that we hear most often is, “How do I know if my patient’s biopsy tissue is a good sample?” To that end, Dr. Walker wrote a paper (published in the February 2009 issue of Archives of Pathology Laboratory Medicine), discussing current practices for renal biopsy. The objective was to provide an overview of the renal biopsy, including the techniques and its complications, and to summarize proper laboratory methods for processing renal biopsy tissue.

top cover of arkana laboratories e-book Nephropath's Atlas of diabetic nephropathy

Arkana's E-Book

Nephropath Atlas of Diabetes, Volume 1 contains a detailed microscopic overview of the major pathologic lesions seen in diabetic nephropathy (DN). DN describes a number of renal functional and morphologic changes caused by Diabetes Mellitus (DM), as observed in type I and type II DM.

EM diagnostic image

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