Renal Rotation

Arkana Laboratories offers a renal rotation for pathology residents interested in renal pathology.

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Pathology residency training is considered one of the broadest of any specialty.

With so much to do, many residents are forced to abbreviate their anatomic pathology training and gain little or no exposure to some of the most interesting subspecialties in pathology.  One such subspecialty that residents often gain little exposure to until relatively late in training (if at all) is renal pathology.  The lack of exposure means that the majority of trainees never consider a fellowship or career in this rewarding subspecialty which is currently facing a shortage of trained personnel.  Arkana Laboratories would like to change this.  We are offering residents the opportunity for an immersive rotation in renal pathology through a two-week or one-month visit.  These rotations will focus on giving residents a broad exposure to the field as well as cover high yield board topics that every resident needs to know.  We recommend taking part in these rotations during your first two years of residency so that you can consider renal pathology among your many fellowship choices.

Arkana Laboratories has unique characteristics that facilitate and expedite renal pathology learning and provides advantages over rotations in other institutions.  The large case volume provides a plethora of cases to study on a daily basis and affords the trainee the opportunity to intensively study both routine cases as well as more esoteric challenging cases.  We also recognize the need to not only look at cases but to read about what you are seeing.  As a result, every day starts with a time to read and pursue academic interests.  Renal pathology lectures will be given on a daily basis, to cover the most relevant aspects of renal pathology practice.  The 10:00 daily consensus/teaching conference is attended by all Arkana pathologists and is an incredible learning opportunity as the interesting and difficult cases are studied and discussed by our group.  Cases are ready for review after lunch and the residents will be given direction in learning to interpret renal disease utilizing light, immunofluorescence, and electron microscopic techniques. Each resident is provided with their own microscope with immunofluorescence as well as their own computer to view electron micrographs.  Finally, residents who rotate at Arkana will be the first considered for the renal pathology fellowship we offer, if interested.  We are confident you will find ours to be a collegial and exciting place to study and we hope you will visit us to find out for yourself.

Arkana Laboratories Award in Renal Pathology

As further means to facilitate and encourage residents to do a renal pathology rotation, we offer a competitive award to selected residents that demonstrate aptitude in renal pathology.

Awardees will spend up to a month rotating at Arkana Laboratories and receive a certificate of completion of their training, a cash award of $1000, and a gift of a renal pathology book. In addition, Arkana Laboratories will pay all expenses related to travel (airfare or mileage) and lodging.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Must be currently enrolled in a United States AP or AP/CP pathology training program
  • No previous training in renal pathology is required

Application includes:

  • A completed pathology resident rotation form
  • A letter of recommendation and documentation from the director of the applicant’s residency program indicating that salary and benefits will be supported during the award period
  • A narrative, not to exceed two pages, describing the applicant’s interest in renal pathology and why this experience is desired

The application deadlines are May 1 and December 1 of each year. We are flexible with the scheduling of the rotation according to the needs of the awardee. Send completed applications and/or questions to

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