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Clinical Trials: Why Are They Important?

By Clint Abner, PhD

Sep 18, 2019

Dr. Abner, Clinical Trials, Arkana Laboratories

At Arkana Laboratories we are actively engaged in a variety of research areas, including clinical trials in which we currently assist in a variety of on-going trials from numerous pharmaceutical companies.  My name is Clint Abner, and I manage clinical trials and contract research here at Arkana.

Medical trials are essential to disease research for finding new medications, treatments, and even cures for disease.  They are designed to answer questions that lead to improved health and quality of life for patients.  They can show researchers what does and does not work in humans, and often generate data that cannot be learned in the laboratory or in animals. 

One of the ways that Arkana helps improve care for patients is through our involvement with clinical trials.  Without these trials, no new medications or new clinical interventions would be produced and a significant, alternative avenue of experimental treatments for patients would disappear.  For me, helping fill these trials and the promise they offer is very exciting and is just one of things that motivates me to continue searching every day for promising clinical trials that could produce the next new kidney drug.

Every prescribed medication that we have in America must go through the clinical trial process before it is approved for human use.  If successful, this process takes an average of 10 years and consist of four phases (Phase I-IV).  This is a difficult pathway as most drugs that are discovered are never approved for use.  For every 10,000 drugs that are discovered only one is approved by the FDA for use. 

Lastly, I also think it is important to recognize that medical trials are not always about finding the next “blockbuster” drug.  Clinical trials also provide invaluable information about the benefits and safety of existing therapies, providing doctors and patients with reliable information when choosing between a variety of available therapeutic options.

Clinical Trial map, Stages of trial



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