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Art of Medicine: Segmental Membranous Glomerulopathy

segmental membranous nephropathy (MN) Art of Medicine painting
The painting depicts a silver stain of a glomerulus, showing thickened capillary loops with segmental ‘holes’, consistent with a segmental membranous nephropathy (MN). An IgG immunofluorescence image and an electron photomicrograph showing segmental immune deposits are shown below.    IgG staining in a segmental distribution within a glomerulus, note capillary loop sparing.   Ultrastructural evaluation of a glomerulus shows capillary loops with and without subepithelial electron-dense deposits.   The majority of MN cases show diffuse and global IgG staining, with segmental subepithelial immune deposits seen in only 2.5% of all MN biopsies.  In a recent case series, of all cases...