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The Time is Now: Call to Action in Kidney Clinical Trials

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By Chassity Jordan

Jun 12, 2019

Clinical trials investigating novel, targeted agents in kidney disease have been uncommon in the past as endpoints in this field required long studies and large costs. Recently, new surrogate markers have been developed that have allowed many pharma and biotech companies to move into the field of kidney disease. Currently, there are more than 20 clinical trials open to patient enrollment but there is concern about whether they can be filled. If we want better, more targeted drugs for our patients, we must work to fill these trials.

Arkana has partnered with NephCure in an effort to get the word out about these clinical trials and the unique position we and our patients are in right now. So how can you help? It’s really easy. Take a few moments to learn about which trials are currently available, and when you have a patient with a disease that is being studied, offer that patient the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial. Information on these trials can be found at  Answering a few questions will tell you if your patient is a candidate and will also give you contact information for the study investigator who will take the process from there.

Arkana and NephCure are committed to helping fill these trials in order to work toward better treatments in kidney disease. Will you join us and help empower your patients to be part of this important work?



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