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communication in times of covid, arkana voices, arkana laboratories, human resources
Arkana Voices

Communication in the Time of Covid

I have seen many variations of a particular meme but they all say basically the same thing Oh how I…

By Tracy Jackson
Arkana's service, Arkana Laboratories
Arkana Voices

Arkana’s Service: What’s It Worth?

Arkana’s Service: What’s It Worth? Arkana’s service has changed over the years. Since I joined Arkana Laboratories in 2011, our…

By Aaron Nichols, MHSA, FACMPE
Dr. Abner, Clinical Trials, Arkana Laboratories
Arkana Voices

Clinical Trials: Why Are They Important?

At Arkana Laboratories we are actively engaged in a variety of research areas, including clinical trials in which we currently…

By Clint Abner, PhD

zebrafish, Arkana Laboratories research
Arkana Voices

Zebrafish: How Can They Help Us?

Zebrafish: How Can They Help Us? I have enjoyed working with laboratory zebrafish since 2003. Zebrafish have become a very…

By Amanda Bradshaw
APOL1 gene, Arkana Laboratories, renal pathology research
Arkana Voices

APOL1: Why Is It Important?

I have been working at Arkana Laboratories (formerly Nephropath) for close to seven years as the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory Supervisor.…

By Marjorie Beggs, PhD