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IgA Nephropathy
Art of Medicine

Art of Medicine: IgA Nephropathy

The above painting shows glomeruli with mesangial hypercellularity, endocapillary hypercellularity, and crescent formation. These findings can be seen in IgA…

IgA nephropathy, Twitter Poll, Arkana Laboratories, kidney pathology, renal disease
Twitter Poll

Twitter Poll (May 22, 2019)

ANSWER: C By the Oxford Classification of IgA nephropathy, the findings present are classified as “M1 E1 S1 T1 C0”…

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focal fibrinoid necrosis, IgA, Crescentic IgA Nephropathy, chronic kidney disease, Arkana Laboratories
Teaching Points

Crescentic IgA nephropathy

Focal crescentic IgA nephropathy The patient is a 17-year-old white female who presents with 2.85 grams/24 hr proteinuria, microscopic hematuria,…

IgA Nephropathy Oxford classification and scoring
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IgA Nephropathy Oxford Scoring

TheIgA nephropathy Oxford Classification was first published in 2009 by a working group of nephrologists and renal pathologists representing the…