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Maggie & Payton

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By Chassity Jordan

Jan 20, 2023


Meet Maggie and Payton! These two girls belong to Kathryn who is a part of our IT team

Maggie is a 3-year-old boxer who loves water, doggie daycare, and her frisbee. She loves to cuddle with anything made of Sherpa material and will only go to sleep in her bed if she is tucked in first (otherwise, she has to sleep with her parents). While Maggie can be a handful, she can always make people laugh with her howls and her snaggle tooth.

Payton is her older sister who just turned 7! She was rescued from a field and hasn’t left her parents’ side since. She loves treats, snacks, and dinner time, and will paw at you until her belly gets rubbed. Payton is known for being a “chunky monkey” but she is the sweetest thing you will ever meet.

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