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Meet Zoey, Grayson, and Alfie!

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By Jasmine Jackson

Jun 16, 2023


Meet Zoey (small gray cat), Grayson (large tabby cat), and Alfie (corgi)! They belong to Camille from Client Development. Zoey is 16 years old and can be a little grumpy and feisty but lives to cuddle (especially with Camille). Grayson is around 6 years old and is extremely sweet but extremely mischievous. Camille’s family calls him the $5,000 cat because he ate part of one of his toys and ended up costing them an arm and a leg to save his life! Alfie is the youngest at 4 1/2 and is the most spoiled of the three. He is glued to Camille’s mom’s side at all times and is a perfect angel in her eyes.

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