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Vacuolar Myopathy

Jon Wilson, MD neuropathologist at arkana laboratories
By Jon Wilson, MD

Jan 14, 2022

Vacuolar myopathy
Figure 1A and 1B: H&E stained frozen section 100x original magnification

This 50-year-old male presented with profound upper and lower extremity proximal muscle weakness. His family history was negative for neuromuscular disorder. Laboratory studies demonstrated elevated CPK (1150), aldolase and sedimentation rate (26), and normal CRP and TSH. A myositis-specific autoantibody panel was negative.  The patient’s home medications did not include a statin, hydroxychloroquine, or colchicine.

Which of the following is the most appropriate pathologic diagnosis based on images #1 through #8?

A. Dermatomyositis

B. Inclusion Body Myositis

C. Statin myopathy

D. Vacuolar myopathy



Answer: Vacuolar myopathy

The morphologic features seen on H&E and modified Gomori Trichrome stained sections fit under the general umbrella term of “vacuolar myopathy” which has multiple potential causes (including Pompe disease, and toxic myopathies related to colchicine or hydroxychloroquine). The staining of the vacuoles for proteins that are normally associated with the sarcolemma (cell membrane of muscle fibers) such as dystrophin, indicates the presence of “Autophagic Vacuoles with Sarcolemmal Features.” The finding of AVSFs narrows the differential diagnosis for this patient’s vacuolar myopathy:

  • Danon disease LAMP2 Xq24
  • X-linked Myopathy with Excessive Autophagy XMEA VMA21 Xq28
  • Desminopathy DES 2q25
  • CLN3-related autophagic vacuolar myopathy CLN3 16p12.1

These diseases are examples of disordered autophagy (Greek “self-eating”), an evolutionarily conserved homeostatic process for trafficking cytoplasmic material and organelles for degradation and reuse.


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