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December 10, 2020

Arkademy Award Recipients

Throughout the year, our staff has had the opportunity to nominate their co-workers for one of three Arkademy Awards. The Generosity Award is given for acts of generosity. An Arkana teammate should show a willingness to share their gifts (i.e., knowledge, time, ideas) freely with others. The Freedom to Fail Award encompasses someone who is continually working toward personal and team improvement. They are someone who believes that no matter how well we do, we can always do better. The Sled Dog Award is given to someone who values team success over individual achievement and who can always be counted on to help. Here are our Arkademy Award recipients!


haley zajak, arkademy awards, arkana laboratories, Arkademy award recipients

Generosity winner- Haley Zajac

Dr. Caza, Dr. Hassen, Freedom to Fail, Arkademy Awards, Arkana Laboratories, Arkademy award recipients

Freedom to Fail winners- Drs. Tiffany Caza and Samar Hassen


Arkademy award recipients, kaleigh miskin, arkana laboratories

Pull the Sled/Sled Dog winner- Kaleigh Miskin