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Arterioles, Venules, and Lymphatics

Jon Wilson, MD neuropathologist at arkana laboratories
By Jon Wilson, MD

Oct 06, 2023

Clinical History

This 50-year-old patient presented with right thigh pain. Their muscle biopsy showed mild denervation type changes. Several small portions of fibroadipose tissue were included in the biopsy.


The small collections of lymphocytes seen in Figure 1 are associated with which of the following?

A. Fasciitis

B. Vasculitis

C. Nerve twigs

D. Lymphatic spaces


Lymphatic spaces. Arterioles, venules and lymphatics


Correct Answer: D. Lymphatic spaces

The correct answer is that these lymphocytes are within lymphatic spaces.


The lymphocytes in this image are present within small irregularly shaped channels lined by endothelial cells with elongate nuclei (lymphatic endothelial cells).

Note the following:

Arterioles  green arrows

Venules  blue arrows

Lymphatic spaces  black arrows

Lymphatic spaces


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