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Neuro Notes

Weakness and Atrophy

Clinical History This 75-year-old man with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) for 5 years has a past medical history of gout…

Thioflavin T stain showing fibrillary inclusions
Neuro Notes

Thioflavin T sIBM

This 55-year old patient presented with a two-year history of proximal lower extremity weakness, difficulty grasping objects and atrophy of…

Perifascicular Atrophy, neuro notes, Arkana Laboratories, muscle biopsy
Neuro Notes

Perifascicular Atrophy in Dermatomyositis

Perifascicular Atrophy in Dermatomyositis This case shows an acquired inflammatory myopathy with well-developed perifascicular atrophy. Generally speaking, acquired inflammatory myopathies…

By Kelly Mrachek, MD