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July 18, 2017

Client Spotlight: Drs. Fahim and Naeem Rahim

Drs. Rahim

This month our Arkana Client Spotlight is on the Drs. Fahim and Naeem Rahim!

Drs. Fahim and Naeem Rahim started Idaho Kidney Institute in rural Southeastern Idaho after moving from New York in 2005. The goal was to provide state of the art care for patients suffering from kidney diseases, and also for those in need of kidney transplants or dialysis. Since then, Idaho Kidney has grown to become the largest provider of care for patients suffering from kidney disease, dialysis, and kidney transplants in Southeastern Idaho.

Drs. Fahim and Naeem Rahim were recipients of the prestigious Ellis Island Medals of Honor in 2011 and were also recipients of the 2007 Congressional Record by the US Senate. Both brothers are also founding members and Chairman for the Idaho Hometown Hero Medal, a civilian medal endorsed by Governor Butch C. Otter of Idaho. The Idaho’s Hometown Hero Medal recognizes individuals that embody the spirit of philanthropy and have shown a remarkable commitment to creating better communities across the State of Idaho. Fahim Rahim said he and Naeem Rahim created the Idaho Hometown Hero award to honor the people of Idaho for their amazing work and to share their unique and powerful stories. The Idaho’s Hometown Heroes Medal, sponsored by the JRM Foundation, helps hometown heroes share their stories, inspiring others to share and become their own hometown hero successes. “The medal is about the human story, not as much about what medals you have achieved in life,” Fahim said. “It’s simple human story – what, as a human being, you have contributed to society at any level… At the end of the day, it’s all about inspiring others to do good.”

We are thrilled to know these two rock stars and are honored to be a part of the work they are doing in Idaho. For more information on Idaho’s Hometown Heroes, visit