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Client Spotlight: Joanna Birkitt

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By Chassity Jordan

Jan 21, 2019

Joanna Birkitt, client spotlight at Arkana Laboratories

This month we’d like to spotlight Joanna Birkitt at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

Our team contacted Joanna late on a Friday about a transplant patient who was in the process of having a kidney biopsy. The patient’s nephrologist was worried about possible rejection and needed a result the following day. It was the end of Joanna’s shift and the late biopsy would miss the FedEx pickup without her help. Joanna could have gone home, could have chosen not to intervene, but instead, did what was best for the patient. She saw to it that the biopsy made it to FedEx, which ensured that the specimen was able to reach us and be read on Saturday.

Thank you, Joanna Birkitt, for going above and beyond to provide the best care for the patients at Sarasota Memorial!




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