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NMJ neonatal muscle
Neuro Notes

NMJ Neonatal Muscle

This 6-week old baby presented with hypotonia at birth.   What are the structures indicated by arrows in Figures #1…

neuromuscular junction
Neuro Notes

Neuromuscular Junction Thick Section

This 60-year-old patient presented with muscle weakness and ptosis. Laboratory studies reported normal CPK and negative myositis autoantibody panel. Myasthenia…

Neuromuscular Junction
Neuro Notes

Neuromuscular Junction

Muscle biopsy was performed on this 40-year-old patient who presented with proximal lower extremity muscle weakness and normal CPK.  …

Neuromuscular Junction, NMJ, Neuro Pathology, myoneural junction, motor end-plate
Neuro Notes

The Neuromuscular Junction

What is the dark staining structure? (Hint: note the small nerve twig associated with the structure). The neuromuscular junction (NMJ;…

By Kelly Mrachek, MD