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sickle cell nephropathy, Crescents
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Twitter Poll (April 14, 2021)

Answer: D, Crescents   Sickle cell disease is an autosomal recessive disorder classically seen in African-Americans which is caused by…

Endocarditis-Associated Glomerulonephritis, arkana laboratories, renal pathology teaching points
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Endocarditis-Associated Glomerulonephritis

The patient is a 45-year-old IV drug user who presents with fevers, chills, hematuria, and fatigue. On laboratory testing, he…

ANCA Refactory, ANCA, KDIGO Connections, Arkana Laboratories, renal pathology, nephropathology
KDIGO Connections

KDIGO Connections: ANCA Refactory

How do you manage your patients who have refractory ANCA-related glomerulonephritis?    

crescentic IgA nephropathy, KDIGO Connections, arkana laboratories, renal pathology, kidney pathology, nephropathology
KDIGO Connections

KDIGO Connections: Crescentic IgA Nephropathy

How do you treat crescentic IgA nephropathy?    

Chronic Lesions of ANCA - Fibrous Crescent
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Chronic Lesions of ANCA – Fibrous Crescents

Fibrous crescents can be differentiated from ischemic obsolescent glomeruli based on the pattern of global sclerosis. The fibrous crescent has…

Crescentic Fibrillary Glomerulopathy
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Crescentic Fibrillary Glomerulopathy

Fibrillary glomerulopathy is a rare disorder of unknown etiology and pathophysiology, which is characterized by deposition of course, randomly-oriented, non-branching…