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Painful Ankle Mass

By Joshua Sonnen, MD

Nov 17, 2023

Degenerative axon/axonal-spheroid

Clinical History

  • 49-year-old woman
  • Right-sided sural nerve mass
  • Distal pain and numbness of the ankle

What is the structure at the blue arrowhead?

A. Degenerative axon/axonal-spheroid

B. Spheroid body

C. Lafora neurite

D. Lafora body/corpora amylacea


Correct answer: A. Degenerative axon/axonal-spheroid


Traumatic neuroma: axonal spheroid

Traumatic neuroma

  • Occur at site of prior transected nerve with disorganized repair
  • H&E: randomly oriented nerve “twigs” in haphazard fibrous background

Axonal spheroids

  • Subacute finding of transected axon; degenerates proximally
  • Toluidine blue stain: dilated axon with disorganized axoplasm within Schwan cell sheath


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