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Longstanding weakness
Neuro Notes

Longstanding Weakness in an Adult

Clinical History 54-year-old woman. Family history negative for neuromuscular disease Longstanding (L>R) upper & lower extremity weakness Periodic falls &…

Inclusion body myopathy , IBM,
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11-year-old boy with falls

Clinical History 11-year-old boy Progressive weakness, Gower sign, falls 3 to 4 times a week, and leg pain PMH: ADHD,…

Dermatomyositis with treatment effect
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Bulbar Weakness and Rash

Clinical History 68-year-old woman with dysphagia, dysarthria, facial muscle weakness and rash Past medical history breast cancer Medications hydroxychloroquine…

Degenerative axon/axonal-spheroid
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Painful Ankle Mass

Clinical History 49-year-old woman Right-sided sural nerve mass Distal pain and numbness of the ankle What is the structure at…

Focal myositis
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Unilateral Calf Enlargement

Clinical History 61-year-old man who presented with several month history of right calf enlargement. Past medical history: TIA Relevant medications:…

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27 Weeks Gestation

Clinical History This patient is a newborn male born at 27 wks, 2 days gestation. 25y.o. mother is G1P1 w/…

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Weakness and Atrophy

Clinical History This 75-year-old man with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) for 5 years has a past medical history of gout…

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Skull Base Cyst

Clinical History This 35-year-old woman presented with dysphagia and dysphonia. MRI showed a CSF filled, thin-walled cyst compressing medulla. Question…

Myopathy in Acute Lymphoma
Neuro Notes

Myopathy in Acute Lymphoma

Clinical History This 77-year-old patient presented with atrophy of the cranial and extremity muscles, dysphagia, and multiple falls. Past medical…

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Weakness and Paresthesia

Clinical History: This 52-year-old patient presented with increased weakness and mildly painful paresthesias. Imaging showed hilar adenopathy and a rheumatology…

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Weakness and Falls

Clinical History: This 69-year-old patient presents with bilateral leg weakness and falls. Past medical history includes lumbosacral spinal stenosis, hypertension,…

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Middle Fossile Mass

Clinical History The patient is a 52-year-old man presents with decreased vision, left eye, double vision, lagging of left eyelid,…

GBM Necrosis
Neuro Notes

Intraoperative Foresight

Clinical History: 49-year-old man presents to the Emergency Department with aphasia MRI reveals a 4 cm T2/FLAIR bright, gadolinium enhancing…