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Weakness and Paresthesia

By Joshua Sonnen, MD

May 19, 2023

Clinical History:

This 52-year-old patient presented with increased weakness and mildly painful paresthesias. Imaging showed hilar adenopathy and a rheumatology consult showed suspicion for sarcoidosis.



Sural nerve and vastus lateralis biopsies show evidence of:

A. Non-caseating granuloma
B. Vasculitis
C. Diabetic vasculopathy
D. Lyme Disease

Answer: B. Vasculitis <– correct answer


Figure 1- Post vasculitic changes

A. Nerve- patchy/zonal loss of myelinated axons (red on Gomori trichrome)

B. Muscle- grouped atrophy; almost always acute+chronic neurogenic changes

C. Vessel- recanalization of injured vessel; multiple lumena

D. Vessel- Loss of >1/4 internal elastic lamina (red arrows); characteristic of prior vasculitis

Urgent diagnosis- untreated vasculitis may cause rapid and irreversible injury; always warrants call to referring physician.

Reference(s)/ Additional Reading:

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