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Skull Base Cyst

By Joshua Sonnen, MD

Jul 07, 2023

Clinical History

This 35-year-old woman presented with dysphagia and dysphonia. MRI showed a CSF filled, thin-walled cyst compressing medulla.


A simple, thin-walled, clear fluid filled cyst is resected. Name the cyst.

A. Neurenteric cyst
B. Arachnoid cyst
C. Endodermal cyst
D. Enterogenous cyst


The correct answer is A, C, and D.

Neurenteric aka Endodermal aka Enterogenous Cyst

Developmentally derived from the transitory neurenteric canal (3 weeks gestational age)

  • Male predominance
  • Associated with other malformations

Usual location

  • Intradural, extramedullary
  • Intracranial rare


  • Complete resection only

Reference(s) /Additional Reading:

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