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Arkana Employee Spotlight: Daniel

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By Chassity Jordan

Dec 16, 2019

Arkana Employee Spotlight, employees at Arkana Laboratories

Meet Daniel McPherson. Daniel joined our client development team in 2012, and he has become not only a valuable asset to our practice but also an all-around great person to know.  His colleagues describe him as incredibly caring, creative, curious and inquisitive, helpful, and annoyingly chipper in the mornings.

The staff at Arkana frequently see Daniel moving heavy things around the office. This is primarily because he has a servant’s heart and is always willing to help, but his background as a certified strength and conditioning coach doesn’t hurt either. That certification has allowed him to greatly influence and impact our company wellness program. He is involved in helping his co-workers reach a healthier lifestyle with eating and exercise advice, and his daily lunch of kale salads are evidence of that commitment.

Daniel is also a rockstar at his 9-5 job as lead sales representative. Since joining our practice, he has been promoted to senior client representative and sales lead. He is responsible for managing the day-to-day aspects of acquiring and onboarding new clients. Daniel is perfectly suited to a career in client development and service. He is a go-getter and is energized by talking to people about things he cares about most.

That career choice often takes him away from those he loves most – his wife Anne, and children Elijah and Ruthie. Yet he maintains a joyful spirit, even if his flight is at 5:00 am.

Daniel’s servant’s heart is evidenced in everything he does at Arkana. In our opinion, Daniel is a “first-round draft pick,” the one you want on your team. We are so fortunate to have him!



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