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Arkana Employee Spotlight: Kaleigh

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By Chassity Jordan

Oct 14, 2019

Meet Kaleigh Miskin. Kaleigh is a cytologist and histologist who joined our lab in 2015.  She received her cytotech degree from University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in 2015 and became a licensed histotechnologist in 2017. Her knowledge, ability, and attitude led to her promotion to Assistant Lead in the Light Microscopy section of our laboratory in 2018.  Co-workers describe Kaleigh as kind, positive, organized and patient. She leads by example and is quick to jump in to help without complaint. Likewise, Kaleigh says her favorite part about working at Arkana is the environment. “There are nice people, we get along well, and everyone is professional but relaxed.”

Kaleigh married her husband Matt in June 2017.  Her daily work at Arkana is particularly meaningful as her husband is a kidney transplant recipient. Shortly after they married, Matt found out he needed a transplant. “Matt was born prematurely so his kidneys never fully developed,” said Miskin. “He always knew he would need a transplant, it just happened a lot faster than everyone thought.” The next step is often waiting on a transplant list, which can take several years. Fortunately, after a couple of family matches were eliminated, Matt’s best friend stepped in to live out an example of what true friendship means. His friend was healthy, he was a match, and he was willing to donate. After a successful transplant in February 2018, Matt is doing great. Kaleigh says her experience with Matt helps to remind her that each piece of tissue has a family waiting somewhere.

Matt and Kaleigh are parents to JoJo, a walker coonhound they rescued in 2018. In her spare time, Kaleigh enjoys decorating her home and watching the Great British Bake Off.

At Arkana, we enjoy working with Kaleigh. She is the epitome of a team player and a great lead in our lab. We are so lucky to have her!




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