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Normal Histology

Patrick D. Walker, MD renal pathologist at arkana laboratories
By Patrick D. Walker, MD

May 19, 2017

Normal Histology

This is a normal glomerulus by light microscopy using the Jones silver stain. This section is fortuitously cut through the central plane of the spherical glomerulus. Note the proximal tubule arising at the top of the glomerulus, the so-called ‘tip area’ (green arrows). The hilum at the bottom of the photo contains the vascular entry and exit points as well as the juxtaglomerular apparatus (blue arrowhead). The glomerular basement membranes are delicate and without interruption. No endocapillary proliferation is present. The centrally located mesangial regions are not expanded and there is no mesangial hypercellularity. (Jones Silver 400x)


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