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Lipoic acid in neural epidermal growth factor-like 1-associated membranous nephropathy: More than a coincidence?

By Dr. Rebecca May

May 25, 2022

NELL1 is a recently described antigen seen in membranous glomerulopathy, which has been associated with malignancy.  A recent study linked Lipoic Acid supplementation with membranous glomerulopathy. In this letter to the editor, medication use was examined in 115 patients with NELL1 positive membranous glomerulopathy and 200 patients with membranous glomerulopathy of other types. In the NELL1 positive group, 15 patients had active Lipoic Acid use, while no Lipoic Acid supplementation was seen in the non-NELL1 membranous group. In addition to a malignancy workup in patients diagnosed with NELL1 positive membranous glomerulopathy, patients should also be asked about Lipoic Acid supplementation.


Read the paper:


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