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Twitter Poll (November 11, 2020)

By Joel Murphy, MD

Nov 12, 2020

NCAM-1, NCAM-1 associated membranous nephropathy, PLA2R, Twitter Poll, Arkana Laboratories

Answer: B

In a recent article by Caza et al, NCAM-1 associated membranous nephropathy has been shown to be associated with systemic lupus erythematosus. Clinically, the article showed that the cases had a female predominance and were seen in younger patients than that typically seen in PLA2R or THSD7A-associated membranous nephropathy. In their cohort, NCAM-1-associated membranous made up approximately 7% of all membranous lupus nephritis cases (see reference).



Caza T, Hassen S, Kuperman M, et al (in press). Neural cell adhesion molecule 1 is a novel autoantigen in membranous lupus nephritis. Kid Int (2020) DOI:



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