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Collidescope Episode 3 | MN, CG, and Immune Complex Deposits within the Tubular Basement Membranes

What happens when two diseases occur at the same time? Does one influence the other? How is kidney function affected?…

collapsing glomerulopathy
Diagnose This!

Diagnose This (March 14, 2022)

This is the biopsy from a 41yo Middle Eastern female who received a renal transplant a few years prior and…

collapsing glomerulopathy in APOL1
Diagnose This!

Diagnose This (January 17, 2022)

This is the albumin immunofluorescence stain from a biopsy from a patient with recent COVID pneumonia and nephrotic syndrome. What…

NCAM1, Membranous Nephropathy, Lipoic Acid in NELL1-Associated Membranous Nephropathy, SARS-CoV-2, biopsy, TGFBR3, crystalline nephropathies, Renal Intratubular Casts, viral-like inclusions, Covid-19, Anti-Brush Border Antibody Disease, MGMID, renal pathology, kidney research

Collapsing Glomerulopathy and APOL1 High-Risk Genotype Associated with Covid-19

Dr. May and Dr. Larsen discuss Covid-19 and its effect on collapsing glomerulopathy and APOL1 in Episode 3 of Arkana…

By Dr. Rebecca May
Arkana Visualized

Another MYMP Sighting!

  Another MYMP sighting! Durning our case conference today, Dr. Caza and Dr. Larsen discussed their recently published paper covering…

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By Kathryn Webb

Collapsing Glomerulopathy
Art of Medicine

Art of Medicine: Collapsing Glomerulopathy

The above painting shows a glomerulus with capillary tuft collapse, visceral epithelial cell hyperplasia, and numerous protein resorption droplets within…

Collapsing Glomerulopathy, APOL1, arkana laboratories, kidney disease, renal pathology
Twitter Poll

Twitter Poll (April 17, 2019)

ANSWER: D Collapsing glomerulopathy has been associated with certain infectious disease including HIV, Hepatitis C, HTLV-1, parvovirus B19, cytomegalovirus, tuberculosis,…

By Vanessa Moreno, MD
Collapsing glomerular lesions
Teaching Points

Collapsing Morphology

Collapsing glomerular lesions are aptly named, given the prominent collapse of glomerular tuft capillary loops. There is also hyperplasia and…

Microcystic Tubular Dilatation
Teaching Points

Microcystic Tubular Dilatation

Microcystic dilatation of tubules is a non-specific morphologic finding associated with various diseases, including obstructive nephropathy, HIV-associated nephropathy (HIVAN), congenital…

Collapsing Glomerulopathy
By L. Nich Cossey, MD
Collapsing Glomerulopathy
Teaching Points

Collapsing Glomerulopathy

Collapsing glomerulopathy is characterized by glomerular tuft collapse with overlying epithelial hypertrophy and hyperplasia in Bowmans space. This pattern of…

Collapsing glomerulopathy
Twitter Poll

Twitter Poll (October 4, 2017)

Answer: D Collapsing glomerulopathy has been associated with infection (HIV, parvovirus B19), drugs (INFs, BPs, CNIs) and APOL1-associated collapsing glomerulopathymutation…

By Vanessa Moreno, MD
HIV-associated nephropathy (HIVAN)
Pushing Glass

Pushing Glass (May 2, 2017)

A 45 year-old African American man presented with pneumonia, colitis and acute kidney injury (serum creatinine- 6 mg/dL). What is…

By Dao-Fu Dai, MD