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By Vanessa Moreno, MD

Dec 10, 2018

MGRS, Monoclonal gammopathy of renal significance, arkana laboratories, pathology of the kidney


MGRS was introduced to acknowledge a clonal plasma cell or B lymphocyte proliferation causing a renal lesion in the absence of hematologic malignancy or other myeloma-defining events; the renal lesion is a consequence of the MIg, which carries major implications for management and prognosis, including the potential for progressive renal injury and ESRD.

MGRS caused by PC is defined as <10% bone marrow plasma cells (BMPCs), <3 g/dl of M protein, and the presence of renal lesions without any other myeloma-defining events (CRAB features; clonal PC ≥60%; serum FLC ratio of ≥100; or >1 focal lesion on magnetic resonance imaging)


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