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GBM Perforations in Necrotizing GN

GBM Perforations in Necrotizing GN

This eyeSCANdy image shows acellular scanning EM with variable-sized discrete GBM perforations in segmental necrotizing and crescentic glomerulonephritis! Image courtesy…

necrotizing and crescentic gn, crescentic GN, Glomerulonephritis, Twitter Poll, Arkana Laboratories
Twitter Poll

Twitter Poll (September 12, 2019)

ANSWER: B, Necrotizing and Crescentic In a case series by Boils et al. which included 49 patients with GN due…

By Vanessa Moreno, MD
KDIGO Connections

KDIGO Connections: Lupus Nephritis Treatment and Definitions

How do you initially treat patients with active lupus nephritis?  

ANCA-mediated glomerulonephritis, arkana laboratories, renal pathology, kidney biopsy
Diagnose This!

Diagnose This (June 24, 2019)

Immunofluorescence shows C3 (2-3+), IgM (1+), kappa (trace) and lambda (trace). What is your diagnosis?   …

By L. Nich Cossey, MD
anca-associated-glomerulonephritis, art of medicine
Art of Medicine

Art of Medicine: ANCA-Associated Glomerulonephritis

The painting above shows a crescentic glomerulonephritis and necrotizing arteritis. A mixed interstitial inflammatory infiltrate is shown in the top…

Alport Syndrome, Digging Deeper, Arkana laboratories, renal pathology, kidney pathology, nephropathology
Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper, or How We Never Quit

We received the biopsy from a 25-year-old female who presented for evaluation of nephrotic range proteinuria. Lab evaluation reveals a…

By Nidia Messias, MD