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Dermatomyositis with treatment effect
Neuro Notes

Bulbar Weakness and Rash

Clinical History 68-year-old woman with dysphagia, dysarthria, facial muscle weakness and rash Past medical history breast cancer Medications hydroxychloroquine…

MxA Figure 1: Hematoxylin and eosin frozen section 200x original magnification
Neuro Notes

Dermatomyositis MxA

Clinical History: This 40-year-old patient presented with one month history of progressive muscle weakness, joint pain, and skin rash MRI…

Neuro Notes

Perifascicular Necrosis

This 60-year-old patient presented with progressive proximal upper and lower extremity muscle weakness of two months duration.   Which of…

Neuro Notes

Perifascicular MHC1

This middle-aged patient presented with complaints of proximal muscle weakness, myalgias, and skin rash (face and chest) of several months…

Fibrous Body, neuro path, arkana laboratories, Muscle biopsy
Neuro Notes

Fibrous Body

A 75-year-old female patient presents with proximal muscle weakness, characteristic skin rash, and dysphagia. Laboratory workup reveals elevated CPK 3500.…

By Kelly Mrachek, MD
Perifascicular Atrophy, neuro notes, Arkana Laboratories, muscle biopsy
Neuro Notes

Perifascicular Atrophy in Dermatomyositis

Perifascicular Atrophy in Dermatomyositis This case shows an acquired inflammatory myopathy with well-developed perifascicular atrophy. Generally speaking, acquired inflammatory myopathies…

By Kelly Mrachek, MD