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HIV-Related Kidney Disease: HIVAN

T. David Bourne, MD renal pathologist and neuropathologist at arkana laboratories
By David Bourne, MD

Jul 18, 2018

HIV-Related Kidney Disease, HIVAN, HIVICK

This biopsy is taken from a patient with HIV/AIDS who presented with an elevated serum creatinine and nephrotic range proteinuria.  Key morphologic features associated with HIV-related kidney disease include collapsing glomerular lesions, microcystic tubular dilatation and variable tubular epithelial injury, and interstitial inflammation and edema (see Fig 1-3).  In addition to these findings, other kidney diseases seen in patients with HIV include the following:  HIV immune complex kidney disease (HIVICK), various other immune complex diseases (e.g. hepatitis C virus, membranous glomerulopathy), HIV-associated lupus-like glomerulonephritis, thrombotic microangiopathy, and various renal tumors (e.g. Kaposi sarcoma, lymphoma).


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