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methotrexate-induced crystalline nephropathy
Renal Review

Case 4: A Polarizable Precipitate

Clinical presentation A 49-year-old male presents with acute deterioration in renal function. The serum creatinine is 4.5 mg/dL. He has…

necrotizing and crescentic gn, crescentic GN, Glomerulonephritis, Twitter Poll, Arkana Laboratories
Twitter Poll

Twitter Poll (September 12, 2019)

ANSWER: B, Necrotizing and Crescentic In a case series by Boils et al. which included 49 patients with GN due…

By Vanessa Moreno, MD
Twitter Poll

Twitter Poll (August 7, 2019)

ANSWER: D, AIN The most common finding on kidney biopsies in patients with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICPIs)induced AKI is acute…

By Vanessa Moreno, MD

Type 1 Cryoglobulinemic Glomerulonephritis, arkana laboratories
Teaching Points

Type 1 Cryoglobulinemic Glomerulonephritis

The patient is a 75 year-old female who presents with proteinuria, a necrotic skin lesion on her lower extremity, and…

Collapsing Glomerulopathy
Art of Medicine

Art of Medicine: Collapsing Glomerulopathy

The above painting shows a glomerulus with capillary tuft collapse, visceral epithelial cell hyperplasia, and numerous protein resorption droplets within…

Renal Oxalosis, arkana laboratories, renal pathology, kidney biopsy, Diagnose This
Diagnose This!

Diagnose This (July 1, 2019)

What is your diagnosis?   …

By L. Nich Cossey, MD

ANCA-mediated glomerulonephritis, arkana laboratories, renal pathology, kidney biopsy
Diagnose This!

Diagnose This (June 24, 2019)

Immunofluorescence shows C3 (2-3+), IgM (1+), kappa (trace) and lambda (trace). What is your diagnosis?   …

By L. Nich Cossey, MD
Kappa Light Chain Cast Nephropathy, teaching point, Arkana Laboratories, renal pathology
Teaching Points

Light Chain Cast Nephropathy

A 75-year-old female is found to have a creatinine of 4.0 mg/dL on a routine laboratory examination. At the hospital,…

C3 Glomerulonephritis, Arkana Laboratories, Disease Week, renal disease, kidney pathology
Disease Week

Disease Week: C3 Glomerulonephritis

Monday Rediscovery of Complement Mesangial C3 deposition only within the glomerulus has been reported since 1980. Only recognized recently as…

KDIGO Connections

KDIGO Connections: Atypical Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome

How do you treat patients with atypical hemolytic-uremic syndrome? Learn more about treatment and atypical hemolytic-uremic syndrome through KDIGO Connections!…

Lysozyme Nephropathy, art of medicine
Art of Medicine

Art of Medicine: Lysozyme Nephropathy

The painting above shows acute tubular injury with numerous intracytoplasmic inclusions within proximal tubular epithelium, which can be seen in…

Acute kidney injury, anti-centromere antibodies, ischemia, schistoctes, scleroderma renal crisis, thrombotic microangiopathy, scleroderma
Teaching Points


The patient is a 32-year-old African American female who presents with hypertensive urgency, positive ANA, positive anti-RNA polymerase III antibody,…

IgAN & Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Igan, arkana laboratories, renal pathology, nephropathology, chronic kidney disease
Twitter Poll

Twitter Poll (April 3, 2019)

ANSWER: C IgAN is the most frequent diagnosis seen in kidney biopsies from patients with renal failure and history of…

By Vanessa Moreno, MD
Acute kidney injury, chryoglobulinemia, glomerulonephritis, hyaline thrombi, masked deposits, paraffin immunofluorescence, Cryoglobulinemic Glomerulonephritis
Teaching Points

Cryoglobulinemic Glomerulonephritis

The patient is a 60-year-old male who presents with proteinuria, hematuria, and a creatinine of 2.8 mg/dL. He was in…

anca-associated-glomerulonephritis, art of medicine
Art of Medicine

Art of Medicine: ANCA-Associated Glomerulonephritis

The painting above shows a crescentic glomerulonephritis and necrotizing arteritis. A mixed interstitial inflammatory infiltrate is shown in the top…